Peace, mercy and bless of ALLAH be upon you


Dear message receiver

Please forward this immediately to your CEO


Invitation   for   global   competition

Share $1000 Million basic value and much more

Winner is the company able to launch and manage the global production and profit of the best short story in history.

The story of global peace currency innovation will gain Noble prize and more in economy, literature or peace.

Study its global, great, unlimited& life lasting profits, benefits and improvements to believe my expectations and remember the price of limited services to respect my evaluation.

(Example: The selling price of Hotmail of $400 million to Microsoft, or Google's acquisition of You Tube with 67 employees for $1.8 billion)- Ref:

You must study the story, reports and sites by your fluent in Arabic great minds to make right decision.

All other projects mentioned inside them are IP- law protected samples of my Business fiction MINE-D which will be open later.

As you see; you and millions behind feeding you will profit by your efforts to present these trillions and many real benefits to the world.


Winner will offer these:

1- Unsurpassed proven present power and strategy for the project.

2- Lowest share of the basic value of decrypting the secrets to the concerning winning investor 2 months before the world; that is $1000 Million basic for bidding.

  (It could be MUCH MORE using descending scheme weekly separated for definite number of arranged winners)  

3- Uppermost advanced fraction and percentage of expected profits according to my 8 stages plan and your additions.

4- Best guaranteed paying rules for the longest time.

5- Any additions make the offer the best one. 

Many selected giant global companies, banks and media will receive this invitation via fax, email or on site.



Many countries leading media bodies will be informed in a similar manner to carry their responsibilities of informing their local governments, companies and citizens to benefit from this revolution.

Deadline for your 1st response is 30- 11 - 2010.

Deadline for last offers will be sent to respected responders.

All negotiations are welcome except for the secret system of daily currency value.

All next correspondence and agreements must be in Arabic.



1- Period from innovation date to now was consumed in protection of IP and assurance that the entire world will gain its benefits even I had died by special well-timed encrypted and evenly distributed files.


MUCH of my regards and thanks to you

Our GOD helps us make the world better


Medhat Hadyah

Office tel. & mobile: by email for only respected responders

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