Peace, mercy and bless of ALLAH be upon you


Dear message receiver     print

Please forward this immediately to central bank president because only great minds can see diamonds inside rocks.

They respect real innovators remembering historical leaders whilst normal people may consider them mad or dreamers.

I'm working daily in fraction of time to give every considered authority their right to compete and benefit as linked messages declare.

You can announce your related banks much easier than me to benefit from this great financial product.

As you will see It's beneficial for every expert and then for the entire world.

Don't say: Egyptian pharmacist and Global currency?! HOW?

It's a curative economic dose patiently formulated by rules of financial pharmacopoeia!

Diamonds are inside rocks and petrol is under sand in neglected deserts.

Only inspectors find and only adventures benefit.                    

MUCH of my regards and thanks to you

Our GOD helps us make the world better


Medhat Hadyah